What is Bonne Sante?

Adjective. en bonne santé (invariable) healthy, in good health.

Definition of à votre santé : to your health —used as a toast.

Subsequently, question is, what is Bonne Annee? Bonne année” is a little different because English speakers don’t normally say “have a good year” but “happy new year”. The expression in French should capture the meaning and not be forcefully tied to a literal “good year” word-for-word translation.

Beside this, what is the opposite of Bonne in French?

The feminine word for the word Bon is Bonne. In English the opposite of good is bad. We can translate bad in French as follows : Bad = mal in French. Mal is masculine.

What language is Sante?


What does the name Sante mean?

The name Sante means “holy”. Sante is an alternate form of Santo (Italian, Spanish): from the Latin word “sanctus”.

What does Sante Fe mean?

The phrase “Santa Fe” is translated as “Holy Faith” in Spanish. Although more commonly known as Santa Fe, the city’s full, legal name remains to this day as La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asís.

What Language Is A Votre Sante?

à votre santé in American English Collins!

What language is Salud?


Does Chin Chin mean cheers?

Usually it’s associated with Italy and France (where it is spelled “cin-cin”), meaning “to your health” or “cheers.” In the U.K., “chin-chin” can mean “hello,” “goodbye” and “cheers.” But most likely, the expression came from China.

Does Salut mean cheers?

Salut means “Hello,” not “Health.” It’s possible that the confusion comes from the common use of Salud (Health) as a toast in Spanish-speaking countries, and Salute (Health) as a toast in Italy.

What does chin chin mean?

“Chin-chin” is an italian toast, (actually Cin-Cin) which I believe means the equivalent of “to your health”. One of our Japanese engineers had once told us a story about this. In Japanese, the word ‘chin’ means penis.

What is the difference between Bon and Bien?

Adjectives. Bon is usually an adjective. It modifies a noun and means good, suitable, efficient, correct, useful, etc. Bien means good, moral, right, healthy, etc., and can only be used as an adjective with copular (state-of-being) verbs such as être.

What is the opposite of Gentil?

Adjective. Opposite of having or showing a considerate nature. (of words or language) Opposite of expressing conciliation, or gentleness.

What is the opposite of Gros?

Related wordsThe opposite of gross is net.

What number is the opposite of?

The opposite of a number is just the number on the opposite side of zero on the number line. The opposite of a is -a. The opposite of -a is a. The opposite of 5 is -5.

What is the opposite of Actif in French?

The opposite is souvent (often) or toujours (always).

How do you reply to Bonne Annee?

One to thank the person for wishing you a good day, the other to wish this person a good day as well. However, “Merci” or “A vous aussi” or “Bonne journée” would work fine too !

What is the central idea of Bonne Annee?

– Central idea = the MAIN POINT that the author wants to communicate to readers. – Supporting details = the facts, opinions, examples, and anecdotes that the author provides to make his or her point.