What is a span in time?

A span is the period of time between two dates or events during which something exists, functions, or happens. If something spans a long period of time, it lasts throughout that period of time or relates to that whole period of time.

Answer: Timespan refers to a period of time. More precisely, an approximate period of time for an event to be considered when there is no specific date that can be fixed for that particular event that happened in the past.

Furthermore, what is the synonym of span? Synonyms for span. gauge. (also gage), measure, scale.

Also know, how do you use span in a sentence?

Examples of span in a Sentence Verb His career as a singer spanned three decades. Their empire once spanned several continents. Her academic interests span a wide variety of topics. A bridge spans the river.

Is time span one word?

time span“, two words. Timespan is a word, but you’re most likely talking to people who are used to the System. Timespan stucture or something similar.

What is another word for time period?

Noun Synonyms. ? A period of time with fixed, well-defined limits. time interval. amount of time.

What do you mean by time span in connection with historical events?

What do we mean by ‘time-span’ in connection with historical events? Answer : When a specific date cannot be fixed for an event in the past and only an approximate period can be fixed this period of time is called the time-span.

What is span short for?

SPAN Acronym Definition SPAN Suicide Prevention Action Network (various locations) SPAN Switch Port Analyzer (Cisco) SPAN Satellite Public Affairs Network SPAN Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks

What is the span of a matrix?

The span of the rows of a matrix is called the row space of the matrix. The dimension of the row space is the rank of the matrix. The span of the columns of a matrix is called the range or the column space of the matrix. The row space and the column space always have the same dimension.

What does the phrase different from mean?

usage note for different Than is used to introduce a clause: The stream followed a different course than the map showed. In sentences of this type, from is sometimes used instead of than; when it is, more words are necessary: a different course from the one the map showed.

How long is a span of days?

There are 11 days in a span.

What is the meaning of span in computer?

Updated: 04/02/2019 by Computer Hope. When writing in HTML, the tag is used as an inline container for grouping or phrasing content. It’s useful when you want to change the language of a section of text, or its styling, via the use of CSS or the