Tylyn Johnson’s Bio
Hiya! So my name is Tylyn Johnson, Hoosier native, and a developing writer. You’ll usually find me watching anime, reading books, or helping a friend with homework. I am a pretty quiet guy, so it might take a little work to notice me in person. But when you do notice me, I want to think that I can be an engaging conversationalist, despite not being much of a public speaker.

After surviving the IB Programme and graduating college and gaining experience, I am hoping to use writing to improve issues affecting society. Maybe it'll be through influencing legislation with public policy analysis, informing people of events in the world with journalism, or challenging common misconceptions with creative writing. I still need to figure that out.

Also, I enjoy historical and mythical fiction, and poetry that either paints a beautiful image or forces a person to really reflect on metaphysical concepts.


Tylyn Johnson, Chief Editor, Writer

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