2017-2018 Staff

James Szalkie

I have a longtime interest in writing, and I come fresh with some ideas for the Echo. I am most looking forward to sharing my ideas and interests through my writing, and creating something that might affect people for the bett...

Marv Sugars

Marv has covered sports for the last fifty years. He ended up at Shortridge because of the tasty food and lack of stairs. Marv spends his free time eating dinner at 4 pm and yelling at pigeons who get too close to his rocket ship.

Zoe Bardon

Hi, I'm Zoe Bardon, and I'm a junior at Shortridge IB High School. This is my third year working for the Shortridge Daily Echo. If I'm not writing for the Echo, you can find me in the courtroom for Mock Trial, in the dance st...

Tylyn Johnson

Hiya! So my name is Tylyn Johnson, Hoosier native, and a developing writer. You’ll usually find me watching anime, reading books, or helping a friend with homework. I am a pretty quiet guy, so it might take a little work to ...