Do you have to pay for Youper?

Youper is currently free, though the company may test a freemium model in the future with premium features. It uses anonymized user data in its own research to improve Youper, but keeps it private and does not share or sell user data or information.

Psychiatrists and therapists are super expensive.” Youper is free to download on Android or iOS, but costs $12.99 a month (or $94.99 a year) to access premium features.

Also, what is Youper app? Youper is an AI chat-bot app designed to help users identify, track, and process their thoughts and feelings. The app includes four main features: Youper the AI Chat-Bot, Journal Logs, Mood Logs, and an Emotional Health Assessment.

Correspondingly, is Youper a real person?

Youper is an Emotional Health Assistant. It’s the first of its kind. Youper uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn from you and evolve by incorporating the latest scientific research about the brain to improve your emotional health. We don’t have human operators, although our team of experts led by psychiatrist Dr.

Is Youper a good app?

Youper is the world’s first emotional health assistant. The app employs a mood tracker, a chat interface, and guided mindfulness and learns from each user with AI to deliver the most effective support available. This app really is a great example of combining technology with emotional wellbeing.

What is headspace app?

Headspace Headspace is a startup with one simple goal: Make meditation accessible to everyone. It does this through a smartphone app full of “guided meditations” — audio sessions where one of the company’s co-creators leads listeners on a journey of contemplation.