Servant of Two Masters

The Echo Review, Cast List, and Q&A

Zoe Bardon, Writer

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Though a very challenging play, the Shortridge thespians pulled it off. The play, Servant of Two Masters, was written by Carlo Goldoni in 1746. Though advertised as a comedy, the romance was strong throughout the whole play. The audience was shipping the actors together by the end of the night. The Echo staff highly recommends this show for the whole family.

At the end of the performance, I asked the actors some questions.

What was it like spending over 2 months with the same group of people?

“We became a big family. We encouraged each other and brought food. I really appreciated that.” –Yue Yu

Do you prefer that the audience reacts?

“If you have energy, we will have energy” –Lily Weidenbach

“Yeah, it helps your morale. If they don’t laugh, we start to question ourselves.” –Eli Schmitt


Whose part did you like the most?

“In plays, there are no big or small parts. That is why I tried hard to do my best.” –Yue Yu

“I never liked Silvio” –Sam Keevil

“I blame Truffaldino!”–Ms. Reiberg

Was it ever awkward practicing your part with an older girl?

“A little. While auditioning, all of the girls had to gaze into my eyes adoringly.” –Eli Schmitt


How much is Chin like his character?

Chin is his character. He definitely has more control over his life than Truffaldino, but they definitely have the same amount of energy.” – Ms. Reiberg, Director

“A lot. Both Chin and Truffaldino are extremely goofy.” –Sam Keevil

“Chin likes his character a lot. He fits his character the most.” –Eli Schmitt


What part do you play as a crew member?

“I’m stage manager. I yell at the actors.” –Carmen Meyer

“I am the sound person. I press the play button.” –Dakayla Calhoun

Special thanks to the crew: Lisbeth Barcenas, Dakayla Calhoun, and Jesica Gomez, the lighting design team: Annie Olise-Aikins and Keyli Turcios, and the stage manager, Carmen Meyer.

The cast includes: Samantha Keevil as Beatrice Rasponi, Mary O’Neill as Brighella, Catherine Avila as Clarice, Carrita Fields as Dr. Lombardi, Keith Smith as Florindo Aretusi, Jayelynn Brewster as Pantalone, Yue Yu as Porter, Eli Schmitt as Silvio Lombardi, Lily Weidenbach as Smeraldina, Francis Van Shaik as Vittorio, and Bre Castaneda as waiter.

And we can’t forget Chinyelu Mwaafrika as Truffaldino, or was it Truffaldino as Chinyelu Mwaafrika?

Good job, thespian scholars!