Top 5 movies of 2018; a Response

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How can we judge the merits of a piece of art that expressed to your audience whether they should see it or not? Should it be based on the artistic aspects of the art or the amount of money it sold for? If we decide to base the greatness of anything on the basis of artistic aspects we have to move into opinionated subjects. These would include the greatness of dialogue, message, cinematography, acting, sound design and everything else. While we can agree that when dealing with subjective topics we are bound to disagree but isn’t that the essence of art discussion. If we had a universal art meter on what good and what was bad we would not have to discuss to even think about the art because the decision would be made for us. But if we decide to judge art on more objective circumstances such as revenue, how many people have seen it and such, do we not lose some of the art itself? Yes, it is easier to look up box office amounts and judge greatness on that. But think of the thousands of amazing gems that almost no one sees, reads or listen to.  Movies like Children of Men or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World made almost no money but are universally revered for being amazing pieces of cinema.  If we refuse to think or discuss the merits of art in a meaningful way we give up the purpose of art. When that happens it will become nothing more than mindless entertainment to fill the time before you go to sleep. And at that point, it would be better just to sleep.