In the Commons – New Years

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In the Commons – New Years

Owen Szymczak, Bailey Jones, and Brennan Dowdy, Authors

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Welcome back to another In the Commons article, where we take your opinions and give them a voice. We ask questions to the public about a certain topic so they can be heard and recognized. If you want your voice to be heard in our next article, or suggest a topic for us to cover, contact us at [email protected] for a potential interview.

The new year is right around the corner, only a couple more weeks. For this issue, we wanted to know what you’ve thought of this year, what you expect for next year, how you usually celebrate new years, and what your new year’s resolutions/ goals are.

Popular New year’s eve activities

There are several events throughout the entire country, such as the ball drop in New York, but there are also several nearby/local new year’s celebrations, including but not limited to…

  • Bud light new year’s eve masquerade ball
  • New years eve at the vogue
  • Landsharks New Year’s eve party
  • Main Event New Year’s Eve to Remember

Indianapolis also includes kid/teen friendly new year’s eve events, such as…

  • Family new years eve at the Indiana State Museum
  • Downtown indy inc.’s new year’s eve on Georgia street
  • Countdown to noon at the children’s museum
  • Early New Year’s Eve Balloon Drop at Incrediplex
  • New Year’s Eve Family Skate at Skateland

The Opinions

Now, for the opinions section. We asked four questions to twelve students and four teachers. Here are there responses…

Did you have a good year? Why or why not?

  • “It was stressful because of all of the work and my grades.”- Camorie Donel, Freshman
  • “No, the beginning of the year I did, but then this school year, the teachers haven’t been teaching well. last year, I had really good grades, but although I’m working harder this year, it’s harder to achieve better grades.”- Amelia Coryell, Sophomore
  • “I didn’t because the work piled up very quickly. when you have a accelerated brain process, you expect the classes to be at your rate as well.”- Tamara Preyer, Junior
  • “I’ve had a good year, that’s probably because I have a new position in a new school. It’s an exciting opportunity to be back teaching high school instead of elementary.”- Ms. Kriech, Gym

How do you usually celebrate new year’s eve?

  • “I go to this one person’s house somewhere and just chill in their basement.”- Miles Landrum, Sophomore
  • “We don’t really have a tradition. Someone cooks dinner and we spend time with friends.”-Zoe Bardon, Junior
  • “I don’t do anything, I guess I just sleep”- Luis Quintana, Senior
  • “Well, a few years ago, my wife and I went to an event at the art museum. This year, there’s a restaurant on 86 street with a silent disco, so were planning on going there. My wife and I love new years, and we like to go out, get dressed up, get drinks, and have a fun time.”- Mr. Gawdzik, English

What are your new year’s resolutions/ goals?

  • “I want to be better academically in this school.”- Andrea Holt, Freshman
  • “To eat more. I wanna get more buff.”- Carlos Juarez, Junior
  • “I want to get good grades”- Demetrius Tuggle, Senior
  • “Anytime people want to better themselves, then that’s good, but personally, they’re stupid because why wait for a certain date to change something about your life, when you should be conscious about them right away.”-Ms. Kinsey, Art

What are you expecting for next year?

  • “I expect to know more things next year going into my sophomore year.”- Dehzirae Jackson, Freshman
  • “For next year, I’m expecting Donald Trump to be one year closer to impeachment, or resignation.” Kael Neidig, Sophomore
  • “honestly I expect it to get worse in terms of socially, and in terms of freshman and sophomores and being nice to teachers and grades will be the same or get harder”- Marcus Anderson, Senior
  • “Professionally, I want to continue to get to know the students and feel more comfortable. I want to help the students in the future center, as well as hear about scholarships students are getting, and similar things. Personally, my wife just recently gave birth in November, so i am looking forward for my baby son growing up and me getting more sleep.”- Mr. Speckman, English