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Q&A with a parent.

El'ad Nichols-Kaufman, Author

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A parents opinion about IPS.

What is your general vision for IPS: Generally I would like to see IPS be a school district that
everyone wants to send their kids too and teachers are eager to get a job. I talk to colleagues and
they are surprised when I tell them my kid goes to IPS, they shouldn’t be surprised
We need to improve outreach. My daughter, Isabella is in 1 st grade at school 91, which is very
sought after. We didn’t hear about it at first and we’re pretty involved. I know a lot of people
who send kids to IPS, educate people about offerings. Enroll Indy 1 st step, one place not enough
by its self
Right now, the conversation is either rolve Innovation or hate. Right now, I feel it is too
aggressive, we don’t know if they are going to be effective. After 2 years, 20, successful because
take from F to A, but in research in their first three years have a different metric, evaluated on
growth only. Traditional on growth and performance, actal scores only some improvement, not
drastic. Board needs to push break before going further
I think right now its really hard to get a hold of someone who is actually going to solve your
problems. Been very vocal about not good service. When I call, often not someone picking up a
phone, never a solution. Some people need to have the school call. The first step is to have a
consistent customer service number to call. Number 2, transportation needs to think about why
they have such a high # of sub drivers. I don’t know why, suspect not enough pay, I don’t know.
3 rd , look at route, efficiencies transportation thinks they are creating are really helping. Daughters
ap, looks like a pinball machine. Last year it was much more reasonable. When these routes look
like a pinball and the kids are on the bus so much longer. Kids experience shouldn’t come over
Certain areas people want more transparency, depends on the area your talking about. Depends
on decisions made by the board. School closing. Need to change rules on how the community
engages, if you want to engage with board 3 min, not providing an comment or interaction. Also
can provide written comment. Says they will be distributed to the board as appropriate. The
board can invite more transparency and input from the community, the board can accept
comments online after reviewing these comments, can explain why they made their decision in
regard to comments. Decisions are made by the board without considering things, not explaining
how they came to their final decsions, explain the
If the referenda doesn’t pass, some tough decisions would be made, I haven’t seen detail in
financial reports so I don’t now. We can cut positions in main building, might not need big P.R.
staff. First administrative staff before you can cut individual schools. Taking quotes for the main
building downtown. Number 2. Number 3 is can we keep all our schools open, harsh reality. If
the school board can’t afford to keep schools open, we may have to cut.



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Q&A with a parent.