In the Commons: Impressions

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In the Commons: Impressions

Owen Szymzak, Brennan Dowdy, and Bailey Jones

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    For this column, we ask students during lunch time a question to find their opinions. On August 29th, we asked students one question, “What are your first impressions of the school year so far?” We got a variety of results from complete disgust to mild content from the student body and staff.

One of the main complaints from most students was the security measures. Other students talked about how different the school is from last year. Most students said this because of Mr. O’Day saying that he doesn’t want to treat us like criminals, but still has us escorted to the bathroom, several police officers added to the campus, and there has been an increase in the number of security cameras.

Although there was some criticism against the security and the school, some students and  teachers that were interviewed had a different view. They talked about how our schools environment will be able to adapt to the sudden changes very well. They also said things such as how we just need to give the school time to adapt for the school to be successful to the students and teachers.

The core reasoning behind all this criticism is the major changes that occurred this year with the school. Some of these changes are the closing of 3 schools, which caused the kids from Arlington, Broad Ripple, or Northwest had to come here, as well as the changes with the lunch schedules, the period times, after school transportation, increase of teachers, and struggles in budget for IPS. These changes caused a range of responses such as that the environment of the school is welcoming, the teachers personalities are varied, or gratitude for how the school is. Some of the responses were positive, but some criticized how its overcrowded, chaotic, or how they just don’t favor Shortridge as much as their previous school.

Even with the divide of the perspectives of the school between some students and teachers, there’s an extent of similarities between what they want and what is necessary for our school to thrive and have a comfortable learning environment.

  • “I was trying to be open minded”-Anna Ariel.
  • “It’s chaotic, the school and hallways are too crowded”- Francesca Taylor.
  • “Its okay, its peaceful”- Christian Arellano.
  • “I thought the students would be the main problem, but it turns out it was the increase of security and escorts to restrooms that are the main problem”- Damont Stevens.
  • “I feel like the school has lost his ideals and is treating us like criminals”- Reanna Fridge.
  • “I definitely think that it’s more challenging for new students and teachers, so we have to work hard for people to feel welcome. Mr O’day is a great leader and will do anything to keep his values, and has created a great environment for those from a different school”- Ms. Kinsey.
  • “The school body needs to adapt to the culture before the environment of the campus can improve”- Mrs. McCarthy.
  • “Its decent, not good, not bad, it’s in the middle, they don’t care what I say anyway”- Frananda.
  • “I am a huge fan of public education, so I am grateful for this opportunity’- James Szalkie.
  • “It’s different, I think once the year goes on it’ll get better”- Dejanae Hartes.
  • “It’s really good, it’s a good environment, but it’s overcrowded. The staff is nice though, some treat us like adults and some like kids.”- Enrique.