Register to vote before Oct. 9 for mid-term election

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By Jenna Clay and Diana Jimenez

Dear seniors, won’t it be amazing when you can vote and make a big impact in things going on in this country? For example, who you think should be president in year 2020 and what do you think needs to be changed? Why wait to register when your an adult? Indiana Votes will present a Lunch and Learn (a program from the Future Center) in the commons/cafeteria during all lunches on Sept. 11 this Tuesday to help students 18 or older register to get their voice heard.

Voting not only gives you a chance to stand up for your opinion but also amplifies your voice. In today’s society there’s a lot going and it is extra important peoples opinions are getting out there.

“I mean it’s just like the Parkland shooting, down there in Florida where you guys really made an impact, people all around the world saw it, you know especially NBC. You know a lot of legislators saw it and you guys can really affect change. So, millennials, it’s really up to you, you guys have the power. If you want to see things change that’s what you have to do. You’ve got to vote,” Jolie Dalton said.

All current seniors have the near future in their hands and, if registered, have the opportunity to change this country and world for the better and make their voices count.

Bailey Jones also contributed to this report.