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Sophomores vote on Student Government reps today, Sept. 7

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Six candidates are running for four positions to represent the Class of 2021 on Student Government. The six candidates spoke to sophomores Sept. 6 in the CMA on their goals, experiences and qualifications. Sophomores will vote in ATL Sept. 7 for their candidates.

The candidates are:

Layth Abdulbari: “I am running for Sophomore representative. Last year I was voted in by our Freshman class, and I hope to continue the work we have done together as student government. As a student body our goal is to inspire diverse leadership and appreciation for the diversity we all have and bring with us, while creating mass opportunities for all of us here. I want to assist in helping to co-create this type of community here at Shortridge High School. With the new students, we want to establish a welcoming community that will recognize diversity in thought and in all the physical realities we bring that include ethnicity, race, faith, gender, etc. I am running and hope to be elected because I want to help this community recognize the inherent worth of every person. I want to continue to take part in organizational event planning. I want to be a servant leader because that is leading by example. I am running so that we can work together to address and prevent bullying, discrimination, racism, sexism.”

Chyna Gates: “Today I want you to see me as someone who could represent you and your voice in situations where you feel like you’re not being heard or accounted for. Last year as a freshman at Shortridge, I was a Student Government representative. I was able to gather opinions and ideas from my peers and address them in the meetings. I’m not going to stand here and make you a bunch of empty promises. We’ve got to start being realistic. We can’t just rant about our problems; we’ve got to start coming up with solutions. One thing I can promise is that this position isn’t just something to decorate my resume. It’s my way of connecting with you, and making sure our voice as a sophomore class is heard, and our time here, however long, is enjoyable.”

Ella Goldsmith: “I am running for this position because I have leadership skills when it comes to planning events and introducing new creative ideas. If I were to be our class representative, I would make sure that students’ concerns were voiced by establishing a place/platform to do so. With a significantly bigger school this year, even more communication between Student Government and the school will be necessary. I would create transparency within Student Government and Shortridge so everyone has access to know what upcoming events are happening.”

DeJanae Harges: “I am running for sophomore class representative because I believe Shortridge needs someone that believes in the power of the students, not that Shortridge doesn’t already, but it could be better. We work hard every day. Whether it’s studying for multiple tests, or working hard in practice for volleyball or soccer, the musical, mock trial or whatever club or sport you’re in, we are an essential part of this school and we deserve to be heard. I plan to advocate for this by working on Town Hall meetings where you can talk to the administration and Student Government, whether asking questions or giving your input. We will make sure your voice is heard.”

El’ad Nichols-Kaufman: “I am here because I want to make Shortridge an even better place by helping set up great events for students, organize our students politically to get what we need to improve our educatino and most importantly, help close the gap between last year’s Shortridge students and the students who joined us this year. Students’ voices are often thought not to matter because we can’t vote. Many of the decisions that impact our day-to-day life go on without anyone taking into account what we feel about it. I will organize the students to lobby the IPS administration and School Board, the school administration and anyone else to get what we need to receive the quality education we are supposed to receive.”

Brandon Petry: “I am running because I care deeply for Shortridge and I think I can help inspire positive change throughout the school and the community. My main goal will be to listen to my peers and advocate for their ideas and opinions because I believe that everyone’s voice matters. Therefore, if I am elected, I will try to get a box where students can write down suggestions and input to better the school.”


Freshman candidates ran unopposed and were chosen on Wed. Sept. 5:

Khanae Miller, Shawn Pyles, Niya Anderson, and Isabella Melani








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Sophomores vote on Student Government reps today, Sept. 7