Video Games and Violence

Alton Parks, Writer

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On Valentine’s Day a tragic school shooting occurred in Florida. After much support and positive thoughts were sent for victims and fellow students, Kentucky’s governors, Matt Bevin, shares his thoughts on why there have been a great amount of school shootings lately.

He states that, “We have a cultural problem in America…You look at the ‘culture of death’ that is being celebrated. There are video games…” (Theverge).

He has a strong stance on entertainment being the main blame for American school shootings. He discusses how videos games are violent and negative for children but are protected under freedom of speech which is the first amendment protection. When asked about created more strict gun control measurements, Bevin immediately  dismisses this idea with asking a question of what rule would prevent this from happening.

Bevin uses his personal experience in his school to blame entertainment for increase of these violent acts. He talks about how his fellow peers carried guns to school to show them off and to store them in their lockers but they didn’t use them violently. He concludes that it has to be other way of motivation that causes teenagers to act in such a violent way. He finishes up by avoiding another question with his own about if he would support a ban on violent type video games.

He asks, “why do we need a video game that encourages people to kill people?”

There have been multiple psychology studies in hopes of finding a link between violent video games and aggression. Throughout multiple studies there have been support for a link found and link not found but not clear, concise answer. I hope something positive comes from all of this soon.