Student Government Ratifies Constitution

El'ad Nichols-Kaufman, Writer

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Shortridge’s student government voted on February 13th to ratify a new version of the school’s constitution. The vote was unanimous, eleven for and zero against, with only one member absent.

Leading up to this vote, there were many days of debate over the wording of the previous constitution, which was not very clear and included provisions for separate class officers. These were being resolved right up to the vote.

One serious change that this constitution created, was the office of the Life Skills representative. This position is just the same as a freshman or junior representative, but it is for the life skill class. The life skills students will vote on one representative in this coming April elections to serve as a full voting representative. They will also still vote for the school wide offices of secretary, president and treasurer.

Many members of the Government see this as an important step in truly becoming an inclusive school, and accepting the life skills students as our colleagues. Some feel that the Life Skills students too often are dismissed as others, and don’t have their voices heard. This version of the constitution hopes to give the class a platform to be heard from.

Other changes in this bill include the approval of absentee voting for government members through electronic means and removed the quorum requirement, which previously required the entire government to be present, and for two thirds of them to vote for a bill. Now, two thirds of the government is required to be present, and a simple majority is required to pass a bill. Other than this, the details were mostly minor clarifications and removal of contradictory clauses.


2 Responses to “Student Government Ratifies Constitution”

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  2. Mr. Gawdzik on February 23rd, 2018 1:06 pm

    Great article and writing! Any ideas on who the Life Skills representative will be?

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Student Government Ratifies Constitution