Uber promises

Alton Parks, Writer

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How would you like to fly to your location instead of driving or walking? Well Uber is looking to expand their means of transportation by adding in a flying option.

Jeff Holden, the head of this project, aims to add Los Angeles to their route of their aerial taxi service in 2020 along with Dallas-Fort Worth and Dubai. This may seem very far fetched, but Uber has partnered up with NASA “to create a brand-new air traffic control system to these low-flying, possible autonomous aircrafts.”

Other companies which Uber wants to partner with are also developing flying cars, such as Boeing, Kitty Hawk, and Airbus. The decision made about the potential partnerships have yet to be announced.

Kitty Hawk was the first to release their footage of it’s own prototype aircraft. Uber, one day later, started its summit conference to try to partner up with these companies with hopes of bringing their vision to life before 2020.

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