A Review: SHS’s The Little Mermaid

Zoe Bardon, Writer

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The Shortridge Theatre Department pulled off an amazing performance of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. As the 2017-18 musical, this show was perfect in showcasing the many talents of the Shortridge scholars, and it was clear that the cast built upon their musical knowledge that they gained in last year’s production of Disney’s High School Musical. The show was absolutely fabulous, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Chelsea Alexandra Photography
The Mersisters and Ariel

This musical showcased many talents of the scholars at Shortridge. Ensemble members performed pirouettes, walking handstands, and tap dances. Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian wore heelys to appear as being truly “under the sea.” The ensemble seemed to be having a blast! All of the detailing by the cast was fantastic. The set and lighting were great and very creative. They added lots of suspense to the story, and lighting was perfectly timed. It was clear that the crew and the advanced art student, who designed the set, put a lot of work into this show.


“‘Kiss The Girl’ was my all-time favorite song! Keith S. had perfected the accent of Sebastian. The razor scooters were great touches!” -Maggie, potential student.

Chelsea Alexandra Photography
“Fathoms Below” performed by the cast.

The costumes provided by Stephen Hollenbeck, costume design, were “on point.” The amount of costumes that he provided for the show was unbelievable, and some cast members even had 6 costume changes because of this! There were so many scales, feathers, color, and glitter. The supply was limitless, and each cast member changed their demeanor for each of these costumes.



“Fabulous! I personally loved the costumes, and the sets were very creative!” -Marina, potential student.

Chelsea Alexandra Photography
Flounder, Ariel, and King Triton

Some characters should truly be highlighted for their performances. Carrita Fields was the perfect Scuttle. Even in times where she was not the focus, she stayed in perfect character. A favorite moment was when she played in the bubbles. It was absolutely hilarious.

Chinyelu Mwaafrika was the perfect Chef Louis, and Keith Smith, who played Sebastian, and Chin were a great pair in the chef scene. It was a crowd favorite!

Flotsam and Jetsam played by Catherine Avila and Donna Johnson were “disturbing” as one crowd member put it. They harmonized very well, and it is clear that their mutual passion is singing.

“I enjoyed the antagonists of this show! Ursula and her eels were outstanding!” -Jeb, community member.

Chelsea Alexandra Photography
Ariel and Flounder

Zane Cuthbertson was a surprising addition to the cast. This freshman broke into the upperclassman dominated lead roles, and he rocked it. There couldn’t have been a better Flounder.

Many of the cast are seniors this year, and it is sad to see them go! This year’s senior cast members included Mary O. who played Ariel, Chinyelu M. who played Grimsby and Chef Louis, Jayelynn B. who played Leeward, Catherine A. who played Flotsam, Donna J. who played Jetsam, and of course, Marysa Pike who was the extremely evil Ursula. The senior in charge was the talented Sam Keevil who served as stage manager.

This show could not have been put together if it wasn’t for Mrs. Carrie Reiberg, the Shortridge Theatre Director, and Mr. Terion Cooper, the Choir Director.

“Artistically well done! A show enjoyable for all ages, and it was a blast to see the little ones interact with the cast in the end!” -Kristie, parent.