Haiku to Weather this Winter

Photo courtesy of capewomenonline.com

Photo courtesy of capewomenonline.com

Tylyn Johnson, Chief Editor

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Today’s article will be about slowing down a little. The year of 2017 saw a great many events taking place throughout the world. From political scandals to massive acts of violence and celebrity intrigue, most would agree that everyone needs a little break from the world. So here are a number of haiku that were written by this school year’s seniors last winter. These were inspired by lovely images of winter, from lush landscapes to simple scenes. Here’s to a better year in 2018.

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Donna Johnson

Told him I loved him

He would never believe me

You’ll find him in snow


Blood red fruit hanging

Always understood by none  

Poisonous to all


Small bunnies shiver

But none know how to climb trees

Winter hunger kills


The arctic snow clings

Nostalgic within my heart

Now stained with bright red


Birds sing in Winter

One flies away toward the fruit

One loses his song

*** *** ***

Photo courtesy of pndblog.typepad.com

Marysa Pike

The snow is falling

The little kitten is cold

Snow fluffs in its fur


They threw it at me

Frozen ball made of soft ice

My face scrunches up


Little fuzzy cat

The soft snow is attacking

Run away from it


With winter coming

The warmth of an animal

Is stronger than fire


Hey little baby

Isn’t your nose turning pink?

Want to come with me?

*** *** ***

Photo courtesy of pexels.com

Alexandra Stanarevic

White snow falling now

Baby deer trying to live

Girl afar alone


She walks on the street

Deer wants to follow her but

She seeks darkness now


The night is coming

They are both alone in snow

It is cold and dull


Baby deer on street

Wants his mother to come back

But she disagrees


I am all alone

No one to be by my side

Dark forest is home