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Student Writing

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Student Writing

Tylyn Johnson, Writer

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Here at the Daily Echo, those of the Shortridge community, students and staff alike, are encouraged to send in works they take pride in. It can take form in a variety of mediums, from writing and photos, to artwork and videos. Today, we’ve a few pieces from students who write in Shortridge’s Butler Writers Club, where they hone their creative craft in perhaps one of the most chill and friendly environments in the school on Mondays and Wednesdays.

A Haiku, Joseph

A subway station in Toronto
Dim lights fading
Slim platform to stand on

Luther and Edna, Mesgana

after American Gothic by Edward Hopper

Their names are Edna and Luther. They have that pitchfork because they just buried their kids. They burned their children because they asked for food. This picture expresses their behavior toward America and its people. On the other hand, the mother screams and cooks. She only ever cooks spaghetti. The father eats dirt and works on the farm. Together they make an unhappy family’s problems dissolve. To conclude they are a Catholic and Sunni Muslim household, they took the picture to help explain remorseless actions.

Broke, Sterling

I’m broke
Ain’t no joke
It’s not funny
That I don’t have money
Lit slug-faced cashiers
Trying to end my career.
Reach into my backpack
Roast ‘em with Thxgivin’ clapbacks
Pullin’ out my blueleaf
While they being impatient makin’ me leave
This little cactus-magnet
Givin’ me a new shooting habbit
But anyways back to my anti-abundance
Of equity. These get rich quick
Skeems aren’t helping me.

The above student works represent just a sliver of the wide range of styles explored through Butler Writers. Here is one last piece that was sent in with a request to publish on this student news site.

Black Owl, Brion P.

Your eyes. They seem to enchant me. The way you seem to stare makes me stay determined to continue my endless pointless adventures through the sea of neglect.  Open like the moon, your lying eyes eclipse me. Is this because you acknowledge me as a potential heart carrier, or is it because of the menacing aura you seem to possess? I can’t seem to compose myself near you. I can feel your deep and proud heart beat rest upon my ears. I hear your song clear as the snow that flows within your cold heart. Your smile warms me even so. Your quiet approach to all situations make me ever so impressed. Your cool guy persona shows me the strength that can build up within myself. Your voice overflows me with joy and your laugh fills me even more. Surely my brute happiness should seep out and attach itself to the world outside.

This link leads to a blog where even more Shortridge pieces have been published through Butler Writers. If you wish to submit your own (appropriate) work, please email [email protected] or [email protected] in order to send in documents/images of the work that you think should be published on the Daily Echo. If the work is to be anonymous, please let us know in your email.

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